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Selected Play Reviews

Tracy Jones

Logo for Tracy Jones
"Tracy Jones is one of those rare theatrical treats: it's a brilliantly-written play, masterfully directed, featuring an insanely talented cast. It's pretty rare to be treated to the trifecta of excellence in writing, directing, and performing all in one production..."

Broadway WorldTracy Jones

"The production makes an absurdly comedic world feel vivid and convincing...Almost the entire hour and 40 minutes straddles the line between evoking laughter and pity, and often both simultaneously."

Rochester CityTracy Jones

"Tracy Jones is a human farce of loneliness and the universal need to connect... Come for the laughs and leave with a better appreciation for the social links in your world."

Greater Lansing Theatre, Tracy Jones

Logo for Tracy Jones in Williamston
"Seth Myers has a recurring feature called “The Kind of Story We Need Right Now” where he offers stories that reinvigorate our faith in humanity. Tracy that kind of story, cutting to the heart of the human need for connection. A sort of Breakfast Club for contemporary adult audiences,Tracy Jones is a poignant reminder that human beings are complex, flawed and fragile and that we can relate to each other under the most tenuous connections."

Lansing City Pulse, Tracy Jones

Branwell (and the other Bront​ës):
an autobiography edited by Charlotte Brontë

"We can all find something of our own lives in a play this good.""

NoHo Arts DistrictBranwell (and the other Brontës)

"This show will definitely grab longtime Brontë fans and those inclined towards biographical dramas, but it’s also a great choice for any audience member interested in familial relationships, imagination, play, and creation in the face of loss. And even if Jane Eyre isn’t for you, this play just might be."

STAGE RAWBranwell (and the other Brontës)

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