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Full-Length Plays


Rosaline Wrecked It All

(Cast of 20)  If only Rosaline had gone to the party, Romeo and Juliet would never have met and all would be OK in Verona. In this modern-day sequel to Romeo and Juliet, Rosaline is blamed for everything that went down and fights to clear her name and place the blame where she feels it belongs - anywhere but on her.


Tracy Jones

(3W/1M)  Tracy Jones has rented out the back "party room" of Jones Street Bar and Grill: the Place for Wings and Things. Tracy Jones is throwing a party to which she's invited every woman in the world who is also named Tracy Jones. Tracy Jones has been sitting for over an hour alone, nursing her Diet Coke, waiting for any other Tracy Joneses to show up. Tracy Jones' epic loneliness is about to be tested beyond anything she ever imagined.


Exquisite Potential

(3M/1W) All parents think their children are great. Alan Zuckerman just happens to think his son, David, is the Messiah.


Branwell (and the other Brontës) an autobiography edited by Charlotte Brontë

(5W/1M) Branwell Brontë has always been desperate to keep up with his brilliant sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. Jealous of his sisters' successes, he uses their only common bond of stories and fantasy to lead his siblings into magical worlds in an attempt to escape their harsh realities. But when the magic of their created worlds begins to crash, Branwell and his sisters fight to keep destruction and loss away.  


Un Hombre - a Golem Story

(1W/2M) A modern-day golem story about a recently widowed single mother who makes a clay man that comes to life and serves as a Bar Mitzvah and Spanish tutor for her 12-year-old son.   

A Real Boy Image.jpg

A Real Boy

(4M/3W) Terry Hill loves her kindergarten students and when she fears that one of them is not being raised appropriately, she decides to take matters into her own hands and keep the child in her classroom to raise as her own. Things are complicated by the fact that this child’s parents happen to be puppets - and Terry fears the boy’s emerging strings will keep him from being a real boy.

* SEMI-FINALIST: MTWorks Newborn Festival
* SEMI-FINALIST: Ashland New Play Festival
* SEMI-FINALIST: Dayton Playhouse's FutureFest


(2W/2M) Christopher Marshall has just been cast as George in Mt. Laurel Community Players' production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He invites Zach, the young, Black actor who's been cast as Nick, over for a drink to give him some actorly advice - and possibly to kill him. Whatever works. When the production's Martha and Honey show up uninvited, they find themselves caught in this play about a play (within a play?) tackling deadly issues like race and, perhaps even more dauntingly, community theatre. This ferocious comedy asks questions about how we view stories about race and the not-just-color blindness that many have when trying to talk about it.


The John Wilkes Booth High School for the Performing Arts Presents:
The Most Inclusive, Least Offensive Play Ever:
An After School Special

(5W/3M) When the parents of The John Wilkes Booth High School for the Performing Arts threaten to remove the theatre program because they realize that all theatre is offensive, the scrappy students of JWB and their drama teacher race to save their beloved department by producing the most inclusive and least offensive play ever.


una casa/a home

(3M/4W) The Schwartz Family were Russian Jews who lived in a house in Barrio Logan in San Diego, CA in 1940. The Flores family moved from Mexico and lived in the same house in 1960. Over 50 years later, D.J. Schwartz knocks on the door to meet the house’s current inhabitants. He discovers that no one has really left the house…Ever.


The Big City (in development)

Book & Lyrics by Stephen Kaplan, Music by Corey Samuels

A Kafkaesque comic book tale of one man’s journey to become the Mayor of the “Big City,” and the people who mysteriously die along the way. A cross between How To Succeed... and Sweeney Todd.


Just One Kiss - Studio Recording Sung by Kirsten Woodbury
00:00 / 02:22
Because I Care - LIve Recording Sung by Farah Alvin
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