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One-Act Plays


Death Defying

(2F) 10 minutes - Zazel and Airabella, two circus aerialists from different eras, find themselves trapped in a waiting room as they await their fate which depends on someone knowing their real names.


The Last Night

(2F) 10 minutes - On the last night of Hanukkah, a young woman must decide whether to finally open a special gift from her mother.


For Unto Us

(1M/1F) 10 minutes - Mary and Joseph are a pair of 5-year-olds playing with a doll. But before they can start, they’ll need to debate gender stereotypes, the relative merits of Christmas versus Hanukkah, the nature of God, and what it means to have two dads.



(6) 10-25 minutes - Avery and Jordan get a call that seems to be coming from Avery's own telephone number. Who they discover on the other end of the line will challenge their understanding of time, friendship, and connections.


In Mrs. Baker's Room

(2M/1F) 10 minutes - Jacob Ritter has modeled everything he does and teaches in his fifth grade classroom on his own fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Baker.  Everything. The only thing missing from his perfect classroom is Mrs. Baker herself.


Helen Keller Visits Martha Graham's Dance Studio

(3F) 8 minutes - Two giants face off over the nature of art.


Tim Eless, Private Eye

(1M/1F) 10 minutes - Tim is a private eye with short-term memory. Laura is the leggy femme fatale that comes to him with a mysterious case. If only Tim can remember why she's there. And what she wants. And why she's there.


The Elevator Play: Beyond Thunderdome

(4M/3F) 25 minutes - A farce that takes place in an elevator stuck between the 46th and 47th floors of the offices of Trotsky, Dostoevsky, Hammersmith and Ping, LTD on the day that Tina Turner is scheduled to make a special appearance at the office.


And Jack Came Tumbling After

(2M/1F) 20 minutes - Jack is Jill's naive paramour who lets himself be talked into a murder scheme that causes him to come tumbling after her. The nursery rhyme will never be quite the same.


Oh, Happy We

(1M/1F) 15 minutes - An allegorical drama in which Evelyn, an elderly woman, meets up with David, a young man, at a deserted bus stop on a rainy night.  The play deals with issues of mortality, the will to live, and companionship.  

* WINNER: Blank Theatre Company, Young Playwrights Competition
* WINNER: Northwestern University’s Short Play Competition
* WINNER: Vanguard Theatre West Coast 10-Minute Play Contest

The Long Walk to Forever

Book & Lyrics by Stephen Kaplan, Music by Steve Yorra

(1M/1F) 10 minutes - Based on the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. On the day of her wedding, Catherine is visited by her first love, Newt who takes her on a walk.

Just A Walk - Live Recording Sung by Farah Alvin
00:00 / 02:33


(2M) 25 minutes - A drama that tells the story of a 17 year old boy who, upon writing a therapy letter to his dead father, brings his father back to deal with unresolved issues surrounding his death.  

One-Minute Plays


The Drill

(1M/F, Flexible) 1 minute - The sad nonchalance of a safety drill at a high school.


The Choice

(1M/1F) 1 minute - A father buys a dress for his son. 


Happy Meal

(2M/F) 1 minute - A parent confronts a McDonalds cashier about the gender appropriateness of a Happy Meal.


Father's Day

(1M/1F) 1 minute - A new father surprises a grocery store cashier.



(2 Any) 1 minute - Two friends argue about the meaning of Gay Pride.

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