Full-Length Plays

Un Hombre

(1W/2M) A modern-day golem story about a recently widowed single mother who makes a clay man that comes to life and serves as a Bar Mitzvah and Spanish tutor for her 12-year-old son.   


Round the Bend Theatre - Saugerties, NY
(April 2021)
Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga
Featuring Maria Elena Maurin, Russell Roberts, David Dancyger & Robert Ariza

Tracy Jones

(3W/1M) Tracy Jones has rented out the back "party room" of Jones Street Bar and Grill: the Place for Wings and Things. Tracy Jones is throwing a party to which she's invited every woman in the world who is also named Tracy Jones. Tracy Jones has been sitting for over an hour alone, nursing her Diet Coke, waiting for any other Tracy Joneses to show up. Tracy Jones' epic loneliness is about to be tested beyond anything she ever imagined.

* WINNER: Chameleon Theatre Circle’s 21st Annual New Play Contest
* FINALIST: B Street Theatre's New Comedies Festival
* FINALIST: Trustus Theatre Playwrights' Festival
* FINALIST: ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition
* SELECTION: Southeast Texas Festival of New Plays
* SEMI-FINALIST: Normal Ave. Productions NAPSeries


Chameleon Theatre Circle
- Bloomington, MN (December 2020)
Featuring Kari Elizabeth Godfrey, Maxine Ford, Marcie Berglund, and Andrew Troth
Directed by Lauren Diesch

Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre
- Summit, NJ (May 2020)
Featuring Angela Della Ventura, Jillian Mauro, Jason Szamereta, and Harriet Trangucci
Directed by Laura Ekstrand

Fenimore Art Museum
- Cooperstown, NY (March 2020)
Featuring Karen Butler, Emma Pastor, Lissa Sidoli, and John Draper
Directed by Karen Butler

The Bechdel Group
- New York, NY (December 2019)

Williamston Theatre
- Williamston, MI (December 2019)

Southeast Texas Festival of New Plays
- Beaumont, TX (August 2019)
Featuring Gina Hodges Martin, Remi Kimball, JJ Jackson, and Angel Guidroz Suitt
Directed by Sean McBride

INKubator New Play Festival
- Jersey City, NJ (May 2019)
Featuring Cyd McDowell, Brittani Murphy, Will Nolan, and Melissa Schaffer
Directed by Ari Laura Kreith

Branwell (and the other Brontës) an autobiography edited by Charlotte Brontë

(5W/1M) Branwell Brontë has always been desperate to keep up with his brilliant sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. Jealous of his sisters' successes, he uses their only common bond of stories and fantasy to lead his siblings into magical worlds in an attempt to escape their harsh realities. But when the magic of their created worlds begins to crash, Branwell and his sisters fight to keep destruction and loss away.

* SEMI-FINALIST: Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference


The Blank Theatre Company's Living Room Series
- Los Angeles, CA (November 2018)
Featuring Britt Crisp, Madylin Durrie, Brigid Kelley, Emma Latimer, Marc Leclerc, Amanda Lyn Toan
Directed by Bree Pavey

Writer's Theatre of New Jersey Soundings Series
- Madison, NJ (January 2018)
Featuring Michael Keyloun, Matilda Lawler, Polly Lee, Rileigh McDonald, Elodie Morss, Joey Parsons, and Monica Wyche
Directed by Ari Laura Kreith

The Tribe Theatre Company
- Brooklyn, NY (May 2017)
Featuring Johnny Pozzi, Pascale Smith, Leah DeGruchy, Alicia Moeller, Gracie Fotjik, and Elka Chowdhury
Directed by Mandy Heiser

Unseen & Unheard - New York, NY (December 2016)
Featuring Devin Burnam, Breanna Foister, Candace Janee, Natalie Johnson, Erin Mallon, and Aubrey Quinn

CAP21 - New York, NY
(August 2016)
Featuring Michael Keyloun, Polly Lee, Rileigh McDonald, Joey Parsons, Analise Scarpaci, and Monica Wyche

The John Wilkes Booth High School for the Performing Arts Presents:
The Most Inclusive, Least Offensive Play Ever:
An After School Special

(5W/3M) When the parents of The John Wilkes Booth High School for the Performing Arts threaten to remove the theatre program because they realize that all theatre is offensive, the scrappy students of JWB and their drama teacher race to save their beloved department by producing the most inclusive and least offensive play ever.


Company of Fools - New York, NY
(April 2020)
Featuring Anastasia Marchelos, Emily Thaler, AmberRose Dische, James Camacho, Emily Gallagher, Regan Teller, James Hamrick, Jennifer Schiller, and Francis Stallings

The Brooklyn Generator - New York, NY
(May 2016)
Directed by David Eggers
Featuring Elissa Bonito, Katie Braden, Brandon Davidson, Max Duane, Michael Grew, Christine Hope, Polly Lee and Monica Wyche


(2W/2M) Christopher Marshall has just been cast as George in Mt. Laurel Community Players' production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He invites Zach, the young, Black actor who's been cast as Nick, over for a drink to give him some actorly advice - and possibly to kill him. Whatever works. When the production's Martha and Honey show up uninvited, they find themselves caught in this play about a play (within a play?) tackling deadly issues like race and, perhaps even more dauntingly, community theatre. This ferocious comedy asks questions about how we view stories about race and the not-just-color blindness that many have when trying to talk about it.

* SELECTION: Caleb Reese Festival of New Plays and Musicals
* FINALIST: Road Less Traveled Productions National Playwright Residency Program
* FINALIST: Seven Devils Theatre Conference
* SEMI-FINALIST: Premiere Stages Play Festival
* SEMI-FINALIST: March Forth Productions Summer Reading Salon


Playwrights on Park, Playhouse on Park - West Hartford, CT
(July 2017)
Directed by Sasha Bratt
Featuring Ed Bernstein, BK Dawson, Angie Joachim, and Sarah Kozlowski

Caleb Reese Festival of New Plays and Musicals, Phoenix Theatre - Pheonix, AZ -
(May 2017)
Directed by William Partlan
Featuring Mike Alexander, Maria Amorocho, Angelica Howland, and Greg Lutz

A Work in Progress Theatre Company - Baltimore, MD
(April 2017)
Directed by Alisa Brock
Featuring Scott Burke, Katie Jeanneret, Josh Thomas, and Laura Weeldreyer

Bay Street Theater's New Works Festival - Sag Harbor, NY
(April 2016)
Directed by Rob Urbinati
Featuring Jodi Capeless, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Mark H. Dold & Reggie D. White

Writer's Theatre of New Jersey Soundings Series - Summit, NJ
(February 2016)
Directed by James Glossman
Featuring Wayne Pyle, Anthony Wills, Angela Della Ventura & Jenelle Sosa

Luna Stage New Moon Reading Series - West Orange, NJ
(January 2016)
Directed by Stephen Nachamie
Featuring John Frenzer, Reggie D. White, Jodi Capeless & Emily Skeggs

The Seventh Son

(14W/8M - Flexible) A Curse, A Kingdom without laughter, A Princess who likes to run and a Prince who likes to read.  In this fractured fairy tale for all ages, no one is happy in the Kingdom of Eastphalia and only the seventh son of the seventh son can make things right.  But will he come in time?

* SEMI-FINALIST: 2015 Ronald M Ruble New Play Festival
* SELECTION: Indie Theatre Now's Plays and Playwrights 2016


Bergen County Academies - Hackensack, NJ
(November 2014)
Directed by Stephen Kaplan

Exquisite Potential

(3M/1W) All parents think their children are great. Alan Zuckerman just happens to think his son, David, is the Messiah.

* WINNER:New Jersey Playwrights Contest
* WINNERTrue False Theatre, Second Annual Polygraph Tests Residency
* WINNER: Across The Generations New Jewish Play Festival
* WINNERDezart Performs' Play Reading Series
* FINALISTWoodward/Newman Drama Award
* SELECTIONAlliance for Jewish Theatre National Conference
* SEMI-FINALISTSeven Devils Theatre Conference
Full Production:

Jewish Repertory Theatre - Buffalo, NY (January 2021)
Directed by Adam Yellen

Theatre Ariel - Philadelphia, PA (October-November 2019)
Directed by Deborah Baer Mozes
Featuring Chase Byrd, Hannah Gold, David Pica, and Bob Weick

Project Rushmore - New York, NY (July-August 2014)
Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga
Featuring Bob Ader, Matt Biagini, Rachel Evans and Vince Gatton

Dezart Performs - Palm Springs, CA
(November 2013)
Directed by Jeanette Lyons
Featuring Adina Lawson, Michael Shaw, Garnett Smith, Scott Smith

New Jersey Playwrights Contest - Wayne, NJ
(April 2013)
Directed by Edward Matthews
Featuring Patrick Little, Joe Raik, Matthew Ronofsky, Erin Zapic


Gallery Players - Columbus, OH
(June 2020)
Directed by Giselle Siegel
Featuring Eric Neuenschwander, Nina Martin, Benny Zelkowicz, Lauren Bandman, Brad Barbin, Eliza Martin and Giselle D'Souza Siegel

Bema Productions - Victoria, BC
(January 2019)

Alliance for Jewish Theatre National Conference - Philadelphia, PA
(October 2018)
Directed by Noah Herman

Hudson Stage Company - Armonk, NY
(December 2016)
Directed by Stephen Nachamie
Featuring Farah Alvin, Ari Butler, Jonathan C. Kaplan, and Mark Nelson

Interplay Jewish Theatre - Cleveland, OH
(November 2015)
Directed by Scott Miller
Featuring Curt Arnold, Anjanette Hall, Wendy Kriss, Chris Richards & George Roth

Project Rushmore - New York, NY
Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga
Featuring Matthew Amira, Rachel Evans, Michael Grew & Vince Trani

Dezart Performs' 5th Annual Play Reading Series - Palm Springs, CA
Directed by Jeanette Lyons
Featuring Hal O'Connell, Daniela Ryan, Michael Shaw, Garnett Smith, Scott Smith

True False Theatre, Polygraph Tests - New York, NY
Directed by Anni Weisband
Featuring Bobby Kruger, Jerry Raik, Joe Raik, Rachel Wenitsky

New Jersey Playwrights Contest - Wayne, NJ
Directed by Gina Guerrieri
Featuring Robert Barwick, Jay Ludwig, Nikki Simz, Justin Zimmerman

Lark Play Development Center - New York, NY
Directed by Suzanne Agins
Featuring Stephen Kunken, Benjamin Pelteson, Liz Wisan, Bob Kaliban

Project Rushmore - New York, NY
Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga
Featuring Rachel Evans, Kyle Hester, Marc LaVasseur, Vince Trani

The Garage Theatre - Teaneck, NJ
Directed by Suzanne Agins
Featuring Philip Hoffman, Sarah Kate Jackson, David Ross, Eric Sutton

Congregation Dor Hadash - San Diego, CA
Directed by J. Mark Newman
Featuring Steven Deutsch, Katherine Bothwell, Jonathan Maxwell, Steve Smith and Eli Schneider

A Real Boy

(4M/3W) Terry Hill loves her kindergarten students and when she fears that one of them is not being raised appropriately, she decides to take matters in her own hands and keep the child in her classroom to raise as her own. Things are complicated by the fact that this child’s parents happen to be puppets - and Terry fears the boy’s emerging strings will keep him from being a real boy.

View a trailer from the 2017 NYC Productionhere

* SEMI-FINALIST2014 PlayPenn Development Conference
* SEMI-FINALISTMTWorks Newborn Festival
* SEMI-FINALISTAshland New Play Festival
* SEMI-FINALIST: Dayton Playhouse's FutureFest
Full Production:

Last Act Theatre Company - Austin, TX (August 2018)
Directed by Chelsea Beth and Matrex Kilgore
Featuring:Chelsea Manasseri, Yamina Khouane, Brandon Sterret, Adam Martinez, Sean Moran, Emily Christine Smith, Roxanna Taylor, and Genevieve Schoeder-Arce
Lighting Design by Courtney DeGinder; Props and Stage Mangement by Mindy Griffin; Scenic Design by Chris Conard; Puppets by Rachel Steed, Courtney DeGinder, Brock England and Mindy Griffin

Ivy Theatre Company & Athena Theatre - 59eE59 Theatre, New York, NY (August 2017)
Directed by Audrey Alford
Featuring Jamie Geiger, Jenn Remke, Brian Michael, Jason Allan Kennedy George, Alexander Bello, Kelley Selznick, Katie Braden, and Danie Steel
Assistant Director: Morgan Barba; Co-Producer & Marketing Director: Veronique Ory; Set Designer:
Ann Beyersdorfer; Lighting Designer: Jenn Fok; Costume Designer: Tristan Raines; Sound Designer: Megan Culley; Puppet Designer/Builder: Eric Wright-Puppet Kitchen; General Manager: Mae Frankeberger; Production Stage Manager: Stephanie Kay Garcia;  Assistant Stage Manager: Gabriel Aguilar

This Is Water Theatre - Bryan/College Station, TX (July-August 2014)
Directed by Andrew Roblyer
Featuring Aleksander Kalouze, Amy Guerin, Danitra Luers, Da'Rel Johnson, Jessica Lemmons, Macey Pendergast and Maxwell Duane
Production Management by Amy Russell; Dramaturgy by Eleanor Owicki; Stage Management by Michelle Schovaers Wagley; Graphic Design byJessica Martinez; Puppet Research and Design byJovan Martinez, Justin Miller and Steven Wagley


Quarantine Players
(May 2020)
Featuring Larrisa Norris, Lori Brooks, D. Scott Graham, Heather Plank, Jessie Roberts, Christine Tankersley, Leslie Ann Ross, and Jacob Diamond

State of Play Productions and Ivy Theater Company - New York, NY
(March 2016)
Directed by Audrey Alford
Featuring Katie Braden, Kim Gainer, Derek Rudley, Kristen Vaughan, Levi Wilson, Michelle Concha and Adam La Faci

StrangeDog Theatre - Montclair, NJ
(April 2014)
Directed by Artem Yatsunov
Featuring Megan Greener, Michael Lasry, Michelle Lupo, Annie Lutz, Gary Martins, Jerome Shuler & Shannon Sullivan

Athena Theatre - New York, NY
(April 2014)
Directed by John Michael DiResta
Featuring Spencer Aste, Wynoami Glasser, Kelly Jean Lloyd, Kelly McAndrew, Brian Miskell, Veronique Ory, Andy Phelan & Ren Santiago
Puppetry by Randy Ginsburg and Monica Lerch

The Dramatists Guild Friday Night Footlights - New York, NY
(December 2012)
Featuring Maulik Pancholy, Brad Oscar, Polly Lee, Robert Michael Johnson, AJ Heekin, Margaret O’Connor, Monica Wyche & Will Nolan

unaa chaosmae

(3M/4W) The Schwartz Family were Russian Jews who lived in a house in Barrio Logan in San Diego, CA in 1940. The Flores family moved from Mexico and lived in the same house in 1960. Over 50 years later, D.J. Schwartz knocks on the door to meet the house’s current inhabitants. He discovers that no one has really left the house…Ever.

* FINALISTLanding Theatre Company New American Voices Play Reading Series
* FINALIST: Route 66's Development Series
* FINALIST: Rorschach Theatre's Magic in Rough Spaces Festival


Magic Time at Judson Church - New York, NY
(April 2014)
Directed by John Michael DiResta
Cynthia Bastidas, Ben Estus, Sal Garcia, Rollin Gardner, Michael Keyloun, Heather Oakley and Teresa Yenque

The Book of Daniel

(5M/4W) It's Daniel's Bar Mitzvah and in between a show-tune singing band singer and discussions on the true nature of the matzoh ball, Daniel sees and hears all and struggles with his own sense of tradition and family, discovering what it really means to become a man.

* WINNER: New American Comedy Award
* WINNER: Blank Theatre Company’s Young Playwrights Competition
Full Production:

Ukiah Players Theatre - Ukiah, CA (1998)
Directed by R. Bobby Cohen
Featuring Gabe Shapiro, Caron Theis, Todd Clow, Evan Gaustad, Nancy Wesoff, Mary Hooper, Rose Rickels, Aaron Clouden


Miranda Theatre - New York, NY
Directed by Philip Hoffman
Featuring Paul Castree, Melissa Hart, Farah Alvin, Alix Korey, Michelle Mallardi, Kevyn Morrow

Union Square Theatre - New York, NY
Directed by Philip Hoffman
Featuring Mark Setlock, Melissa Hart, John Lathan, Michelle Mallardi, Reed Armstrong, Farah Alvin, Travis Jordan Greisler, Francine Beers, Susan Wallach and Matthew Glass

Blank Theatre Company - Los Angeles, CA
Directed by Christopher Steele
Featuring Micah Bedrosian, Melinda Peterson, David O’Donnell, Darryl Kurylo, Shannon Welles, Ellen Gerstein, Jon Matthews, Meredith Bishop, Jolyon Reese and Michelle Lander

When The Mayonnaise Goes Bad
co-written with Will Nolan

(3M/4W) An absurdist farce that pays homage to Christopher Durang and Joe Orton with a bit of Caryl Churchill, Quentin Tarantino and Rodgers & Hammerstein thrown in.  A serial killer arrives at the upper-middle class British home of Edward and Victoria only to fall in love with the couple’s deformed son Shlomo and fall prey himself to the family’s dark secrets.


Vital Theatre Company - New York, NY
Directed by Will Nolan
Featuring Farah Alvin, Spencer Aste, Tracy Bryce, Tonya Canada, Stephen Kaplan, Margaret O’Connor and Marc Palmieri

The Big City
Book & Lyrics by Stephen Kaplan, Music by Corey Samuels

A Kafkaesque comic book tale of one man’s journey to become the Mayor of the “Big City,” and the people who mysteriously die along the way. A cross between How To Succeed... and Sweeney Todd.



Just One Kiss - Studio Recording (Sung by Kirsten Woodbury)
Because I Care - Live Recording (Sung by Farah Alvin)


BMI Musical Theatre Workshop - New York, NY
Directed by Will Nolan
Featuring Farah Alvin, David Eggers, Brad Oscar, Warren Loy, Christopher Puckett, Amy Coady, Tammy Samuels